Daily Prompt: Never Surrender

I am a good worker but a worker not say the I am rally stubborn about a lot of thing. I am opinioned as I have grown older. I don’t like lawyer as a think that we have too many trying to sue their way into wealth. I am set goals this year and for the first time beginning just a few days ago trying to write in this blog day just as I intend to walk every day. We will see how all for this fit together and how a adjust once I go back to work next week and I have to fit a 40 hour work week into this outside activity. I am embracing the idea that I have to do things that I have never done if I expect to become what I have never been before.

I dig my heels in about my goals. I intends to recite the Serenity Prayer five times a day, walk one mile every day, draw 15 images every, go through my face book and yahoo mail and post to work press blog every day.

Now that I have write this list down it looks like a lot more than I originally started out with but is varied and if a keep up with it I think that I can do it six days a week which is what I want to do due. My Bible side is going well and I only need to more days to have read the entire Bible again this year in less the 90 days so that will be one goal for the year done 271


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