Daily Prompt: If You Leave

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The last time I thought about leaving was my current job as a children’s social worker the day of my last traffic accident. After further thought and discussion with my wife I am going back to work tomorrow but with a plan to have something else in place when I next look at leaving in about 18 months. I am beginning to explore steam punk. I am read a steam punk themed short story everyday. I am sharpen my illustration skills. I am learning new crafting skills. I hope to create pop cards that because short pop up books that become popup filled graphic novels. That’s is where I see me going somehow I see all of this translating to you tube. I don’t see me retiring just now because I have no way to pay for the name brand drugs that my wife needs to take to function and maintain her life without seizures. She takes 19 different pills in the morning for a half a dozen different aliments. I hope to find a solutions by the time I am vested with he County in about 18 months. If not than we will reevaluate at that time. Rather than just retire as many do to loneliness and isolation I hope to move to useful redirection by mastering new skills and spread more fun and sunshine to a whole new audience. 231


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