Daily Prompt: Something So Strong

Daily Prompt: Something So Strong.

My best friend is Bill Wilmart. We became friends as seniors in High School lost track of each other after I got married. We reconnected again after our twentieth high school reunion and have been corresponding with each other ever since. I know exactly how we connected in the beginning. I know that I had just began to date and needed a friend to double with my girl friend’s friend, Jackie. I think we are strong now because we share a lot of common values. I believe that we are both politically conservative although he accuses me of being somewhat more to the left than he is. We communication by snail mail a couple of times a month. Bill is not digitally connected and probably never will be now. I am into somewhere because my daughter is and I want to know what is going on to a certain extend. I believe that we are fairly strong in our relationship. I would like to travel to Miami to see him some day but I don’t think that I will be going to another high reunion at this time but we will see. Really had nothing to see to anyone else who came to the reunion except Bill at the last reunion so I don’t really see where it is worth going for just that as we can continue to write to each other as before.


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