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Mary Lee who is my wife and my soul mate of 40 plus years is someone who I really like doing things for because she really appreciates the little things that I do and she notices and tells me so. That all that I require in life is to be appreciated, in fact I think that that is what most man in a relationship, especially early in a relationship are looking for is recognition and appreciation for opening the door for the lady for holding her hand or taking her arm in pubic to show that you know her and care for her and appreciate her in more than a simple and casual way. I see too many young couples where the guy just walks on ahead and the gal sort of lag behind with her head down. Now what kind of body language are they projecting to the world as a couple. I hope that people, strangers who see me and my soul mate instantly receive that message that there is still something between us. That we still care about each other and for each other.


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