new Look 4 10 2014

I will wait for you new look to develop and I am sure that I will enjoy it because I am a man of fairly simple pleasure but I have not been blogging for long and coming to the site today and not finding a prompt made me very antsy. I hope to develop a voice overtime and perhaps become an expert or a sage because I have been around the block in this life a few times and have picked up a tips about life but I am just starting out as a blogger and kind of fall into this. I don’t want to miss a day right now. I really want to keep going everyday and put pen to paper. I will be trying especially on weekends to explore some of the other feature that this site has to offer and maybe experience and stretch myself in a variety of ways that I have not looked at before.

I feel a lot better now that I have let out some of the tension and anxiety that was starting to build up in me.


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