new Look 4 10 2014

I will wait for you new look to develop and I am sure that I will enjoy it because I am a man of fairly simple pleasure but I have not been blogging for long and coming to the site today and not finding a prompt made me very antsy. I hope to develop a voice overtime and perhaps become an expert or a sage because I have been around the block in this life a few times and have picked up a tips about life but I am just starting out as a blogger and kind of fall into this. I don’t want to miss a day right now. I really want to keep going everyday and put pen to paper. I will be trying especially on weekends to explore some of the other feature that this site has to offer and maybe experience and stretch myself in a variety of ways that I have not looked at before.

I feel a lot better now that I have let out some of the tension and anxiety that was starting to build up in me.


Daily Prompt: Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Tell us your tried and true techniques for focusing when that deadline looms and you need to get work done. In other words, how do you avoid wasted days and wasted nights?

I take a few minute to think about what a need to put into words before a begin to write. I find that if a outline what I want to cover in advance I tend to do a better job of research and than covering the material when I actually put it down on paper. Once I get the first draft down than it is just a matter of polish and everything comes together after that.

Daily Prompt: Lookin’ Out My Back Door

Look out your back window or door — describe what you see, as if you were trying to convey the scene to someone from another country or planet.

When I look out my back window I see green grass and green trees, tall and small pine tree and flowering blackberry trees that are just beginning to bloom in the spring and will soon leaf out. I heard that wind as it rustles through the pine needles as if a song on the air that is very relax to me and I hope translate across interstellar bounds and be very soothing to my international or interstellar correspondent.

A Note on Trigger Warnings

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!

English made me scream. I hated charting verbs and participals and jarrins and all of the other garage that they English teachers used to throw at me. I still hate the whole thing because it turned me off from reading and reading is really a big part of writing and although you are never to late to start something new I still feel that the school system wasted so very much of my time with so much so their garbage.

Daily Prompt: If I Could Turn Back Time

If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of you life would you return to? Why?

I wouldn’t go back and do anything over again. I think that I might just make more of a mess than I did the first time around and as for the things that turned out well many of those came to together in such a way that I can’t imagine being able to put those magical moments together just the way they happened again. Instead I continue to look and move forward with the believe that the best is still to come and the many wonderful moment are still to be shared and to be experienced.

Daily Prompt: She Drives Me Crazy

It makes me crazy when people wear their shoes in my house. What habit/act drives you crazy? How do you prevent it from happening?

I don’t think there is any one thing that really makes me crazy. I am just not into this today and so I think that I am just going to sign off and hope for a better day for tomorrow.